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Jetbeam MKII-X (outperforms the rest)......

In the last post I mentioned a "rather expensive tactical flashlight" (the reason for me buying a discount MOLLE pack). Here's a review of the Jetbeam MKII-X, or Cree edition (with Cree High-Intensity LEDs).

I bought it from TADgear (I had bought from them before and had heard only good things about them and their customer service, so I decided to do so again). I was pleasantly surprised, along with the light itself and the TIC (tactical impact crown) came a HEAVY duty nylon horizontal belt sheath, which the TAD guys sent me for only five bucks extra.

There's an old adage that states "A picture is worth a thousand words." I'm going to follow that advice and drop a few photos of my Jetbeam.

Here's a shot for size comparison......

And a metric conversion for my European gear-whore brethren......

And a desk shot........

Here's a shot of the beam straight on (although that doesn't prove anything really).

And here's a close-up. Note the TIC (impact bezel) and TAD belt sheath with velcro belt-attachment loops. (Works great on MOLLE, too:).

Here you can see a shot of the beam, from a crouch in a darkened room. There's a center spot, and then a flower petal shaped outer ring (which results from the TIC attachment).

  • EXTREMELY high output-to-battery ratio. See Manufacturer's Specs below.
  • Small and lightweight (especially with lithium AA cell, which also increases output and runtime).
  • Nearly indestructible.
  • More modes than anybody would know what to do with, including variable percentage outputs and even two or three strobe modes and an SOS mode.
  • Comes with several accessories (such as small, sturdy keychain/belt sheath, lanyard, O-rings, and two or three different colored tailswitch covers).
  • You can buy and attach a TIC (tactical impact crown) from TADgear to use it as a last-resort eye-socket installer. (For self-defense, in other words).

  • VERY SHORT. NOT suitable for a weapons light to accompany a handgun, due to its short length.
  • Double-Clickie--some people really hate this feature. Rather than a simple on-off single-clickie function tailswitch, this one comes with a double-clickie type switch--to accommodate the advanced mode (not really necessary for most people). Would make it hard for most people to use as a weapons light due to the fact that you'd have to click it on, then off. There's no in-between setting. (You couldn't, for instance, press down on the tailswitch with your thumb and produce a blinding beam, without clicking it all the way in and then having to click it off). Some lights you can do this with (my Dorcy Kmart special does this very well) but the single-clickie feature is not really necessary for most folks, at least, only if you're planning on using it for clearing buildings with a SWAT team or something. Just a thought.
  • Repeat number 1.
SPECS (Pulled from Manufacturer's website):


So Light . So Bright . Clear Sight

  • Model: JET-I MK.II X Ver 1.2
    Spring attached at the bezel side, just like the MKII, bezel sealed
    Lamp Type: CREE 7090 XR-E
    Maximum Output: 150 Lumens
    Reflector: Textured aluminum reflector
    Lens: Sapphire crystal
    Material: T6061 aircraft grade aluminum
    Finish: HA III NAT or HA III BLACK [TESTED: 55μM

    (+-5%) Hardness 450HV]
    Battery Type: AA or any AA-size battery
    Circuit: 0.7V-4.2V

    Circuit Function:

    General Mode: Medium brightness – Lowest brightness
    – Maximum brightness – Strobe (12Hz)
    – standby

    Advanced Mode: 10 levers of output & 6 special functions
    Switch: On/Off Tail cap Switch
    Water Resistance: 30 ft.
    Dimension: Bezel diameter 19.5mm, Tail diameter
    18mm, Long 90mm
    Weight: 40g (excluding batteries)
    Optional Accessories: 2AA extension tube

    Brightness/Functions Switching

    The preset initial status of the flashlight is general mode of medium brightness. Soft press onto the switch at the tail cap allows alternation of brightness/functions according to the sequence of “medium brightness → lowest brightness → maximum brightness → strobe → standby”; and the whole sequence recurs in cycles. After switched off the flashlight for 2 seconds, the default settings resume, and the flashlight will enter general mode of medium brightness when being switched on again.

    More Functions (Advanced Mode)

    With simple operations of circuit switch between general mode and advanced mode, JET-I MK.II X exhibits a variety of specialized functions.

    Initiating the Advanced Mode

    When the flashlight is being operated in general mode, switch it to “lowest brightness” condition and turn off the flashlight. Wait for 2 seconds, then turn on the flashlight again, that activates the advanced mode. The advanced mode comprises 10 brightness levels and 5 special functions, with details shown in the following diagram.

    The operation of brightness/functions alternation is the same as that in general mode.

    100% > Strobe(15hz) > 5% > 20% > 30% >40% >50% > 60% >70% >80% >90% > Strobe(5hz) > SOS (100%) > SOS(5%) > standby
Please refer to our product description and specification for details.

I'm going to give this light a 4.5 star Overall rating. It's a great light (especially considering it only costs 70.00/give or take a bit). It's pretty miniscule (which is the first reason I'm taking away .5 stars. The other reason is the double-clickie (it doesn't really bother me, but it would bother some folks so that's why I'm taking it into account).

This and all other Jetbeam and Fenix products are Berserker-Endorsed and will be for as long as the manufacturer maintains its standards.
For a solid little super-bright LED flashlight that's cheaper than a Surefire, buy Jetbeam!

Price (with TIC and belt sheath): 102.00
Price (without TIC and belt sheath): 70.95
Sold Exclusively by:


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