Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Rayovac Goodness (at last)......

I also picked up a Rayovac brand flashlight from Kmart/Sears within the past month or two and was pleasantly surprised. I don't know what exactly has happened to the folks up at the R+D Dept. in the Rayovac Corporation, but whatever it is is good for us gearhounds!

It's a 1-watt High Beam model (it also comes in 3-watt, but I had no idea at the time). It utilizes Luxeon LEDs, which are some of the best (they rank right in there with Cree LEDs). The body of this flashlight is made of milled aluminum, (not cast alum) and is coated in a nice, Hard-Anodized finish.
The beam is white and clear, and has plenty of throw. It's a 2AA cell light. Below are some pics.....

This one is more suitable for accompaniment with a handgun, for tactical use due to its longer length and single-clickie button (however, to fully engage the beam you must twist the tailcap to the right. Otherwise you have to keep pressure on the tailbutton. So really I suppose it's not a true single-clickie).

And here's a photo of the beam produced by the Rayovac High Beam in a darkened room. Pretty nice, eh?

All in all, I'd give this one a 4.0, mainly for the weird required illumination method.
Otherwise, this one is good to go!

Manufacturer: Rayovac. Follow this link to the product description:
Price: 19.00 at Kmart/Sears stores near you.
Berserker's Overall Rating: 4.0 Stars out of 5.

Go get one!

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