Monday, July 30, 2007

Timberline Lightfoot Design Mini-Pitbull Review

I've been very fortunate to have won several giveaways from other folks on the USN and I'm quite happy with everything they've sent me. One of these prizes was a Timberline Knives Lightfoot Design Mini-Pitbull. It's an excellent example of a high-quality, super-beefy production fixed blade. This knife is one of the best (probably THE best) production-grade fixed blade knife that I've ever owned. And now I do, thanks to my friends on the USN.
Here's my review of it!

  • Compact.
  • Lightweight.
  • BEEFY. Everything about this knife shouts "Quality."
  • Utilitarian.
  • Inexpensive (for a knife this good).

  • Bead-Blasted finish is, once again, a rust-magnet.
  • Although the ads claim it comes with a kydex sheath, the sheath material isn't really kydex. It's just molded ABS plastic. I've heard of retention issues some people experienced with this knife, but I haven't had a problem. The sheath I have holds it nice and tightly.

Some pics....

Note the strip of duct tape I wrapped around the sheath where the pocket clip slides in (for comfort).......

Cutting through a doubled up cardboard box proved effortless....

Saber grip......

Showing the awesomely done contours......

A small amount of pressure drove this knife right into the wallboards....

From another angle.....

OAL: 6.6"
BL: 3.0"
Materials: AUS-6 SS blade, "G10-textured" Zytel handle scales, Torx screws (to hold it together). Full-tang construction.
Price: 39.99 MSRP.
Manufacturer's Product Page:
Berserker's Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars out of Five.

This product is Most Definitely Berserker-Endorsed.

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TxLobo said...

doing on online search for information about my Mini Pit Bull, I stumbled across your write up from 2007. I've had my Mini Pit Bull since 2002 at least. Just wanted to add to your write up that Gatco has excellent customer service. I finally broke my clip today on the ABS sheath. Called Gatco and no problem, a replacement clip is being sent out tomorrow in the mail.