Saturday, August 4, 2007

IMCO Triplex Super Lighter Review.

For about three years, I've carried an Imco brand lighter, for whatever ignition tasks I may have at hand. This is a review of those lighters (a 2 pack of Triplex Supers from the Sportsman's Guide).

  • This is a pipe lighter--it has a removable "fuel tank" with which you can light a pipe (or campfire--anything that requires "distance" from your hand and the ability to tip the flame like a candle).
  • It is windproof, as long as you have the "chimney slide" type thing choked up and the wick trimmed.
  • It is remarkably fuel-efficient, due to its unique fuel tank cap and built-in snuffer that seals around the top of the tank when closed.
  • It is lightweight. I think it's either made of steel or tin, but whatever it is, it's light.
  • It is easily maintained--all you ever have to do is replace the flints (and wicks, periodically. It accepts Zippo brand wicks in a pinch). Replacing the flints is much easier than it is on a Zippo; all you have to do is press on the release catch on the bottom and swing out the innards, which remain in one piece (no stupid tiny little screws to lose).
  • Using it always seems to impress friends and coworkers--it just has a neat, swing-out ignition method that always catches people's attention. So if you want to look cool, buy these lighters.

  • It rusts easily if exposed to water and not dried thoroughly.
  • It has "poky" corners that can be uncomfortable and can tear holes in thin pockets.
  • If it gets soaked in a stream, it won't work till you let it dry out completely, and then it will probably only work for a little while due to the fluid being washed out/diluted by the water.

Manufacturer: IMCO Corporation, Vienna, Austria.
Price: 12.00- 20.00 from various sellers.
Berserker's Overall Rating: All in all, I'd give this product a 4.5-star rating. The benefits far outweigh the detriments.
Sold by:, among others.

Well, what are you waiting for?! Go GET one (or two)!


Jason Lome said...

Scoured ebay for lighter under camping/hiking. Concluded that this lighter was worth a look. I concur with your entire review and am a fellow gear whore.


Hilmir Arnarson & RĂ³bert Hilmisson. said...

I´ve had twoo lighters like that. The first one i bought from a antic market, guess it was quite old. I think it was designed in the WWI. Anyway, I lost it so now I have another one and it's so funny when people try to turn it on and people are always impressed by the look and the function. Finally they see something different from the typical Zippo.

Berserker said...

Thanks guys, I really like em too.
They're so useful:)

rcs said...

I got mine from Restoration Hardware. Know of any source for replacement flints?

Berserker said...

Hey RCS,
You can just use any old lighter flint. I use either Ronson, Zippo, or the flint from a used Bic lighter.
Same goes for the wick--I mean you can get Imco brand wicks but they're hard to come by (I had a couple) and they're expensive compared to Zippo or Ronsons.

The Caretaker said...

Hello "Berserker"
Great review of the IMCO lighter, own two myself (from Sportsman's Guide), I find the IMCO to be far superior to the Zippo brand lighter in pretty much every way (Zippo's crazy large flame alone can be dangerous). The IMCO has a "controllable" flame, not nearly as much as a butane lighter sure, but enough to be of use. Just a side note for those who use "lighter fuel" lighters, if you don't care about odor you can use any "white gas", it's all naptha, buying it in the Ronsonol type container is more expensive due to packaging. However, if you want little to no odor go with the Zippo brand fuel, it is synthetic, which is also great for catalyst type pocket warmers. I use these almost everyday in the winter due to my living conditions.

Hugh said...

I agree been using them for thirty years. They are the best and great value too.