Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Casio Dive Watch.....

I've had this particular watch for about a year and a half to two years, and I can't honestly say that I'd buy it again. I've had to change the battery once already, and though I did so it still has issues with the date wheel that I haven't been able to resolve. When I reset the date it gradually slows down and gets behind.
Part of this problem may be the jeweler's that I take all my watches to for new batteries. It may simply be that my jeweler isn't experienced with dive watches and somehow screws up the O-rings or something, but I'm not convinced. The same thing happened with a Timex diver, but for now I will attribute this lack of battery strength to my habit of buying relatively low-quality watches. If and when I get a higher-end diver (such as an automatic Seiko), I will let you all know whether the same thing happens.

I guess I shouldn't complain since the MSRP was listed at 160.00 and I got it for 45.00 shipped from Overstock.....

Here's a pic of my old Casio dive watch with its new Maratac Zulu 4-ring watchband:

Manufacturer's website:
Place of purchase:
MSRP: 160.00
Berserker's Overall Rating: Three Stars out of five. This one's a beater, not a flawless timekeeper.

I would NOT recommend this to a watch-o-philic friend.

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arguttman said...

I would strongly recommend the Orient automatic dive watch. Great watches and reasonably priced and for a few bucks extra you don't have the hassle of the cheaper diver watches.