Thursday, April 17, 2008

Rothco brand Repro East German-style Spring Cosh Baton...

Hey all,
I'm back, this time with a new toy!
It's a Rothco-brand remake of the original Sipo or Blitz model East German spring cosh. Basically this is a whip baton made of heavy steel springs housed in a steel or aluminum tube. It's like an ASP, only cheaper. It whips out in a flash with a flick of your wrist, locks using friction, and closes with a twist or by slapping the heel of your hand against the tip straight on.
Some questions I'm sure some of you will have: "Will it hurt an attacker? Will it put them out of commission?"
I'm not sure it would deal a killing blow right away unless you have exceptional aim for a few "weak spots" that are good for anybody to know. Either way I surely wouldn't want to get hit with it; it's wicked, with a heavy solid steel tip and a mean whippiness. It'd definitely ruin somebody's day, and I carry it in case its presence is warranted. It'd be best for, as my friend Russ says, "defanging the snake" (disarming an attacker) with snaps to the backs of the hands and forearms. It would also be good to carry if you live in an area with lots of mean dogs, especially if your neighbors let their hunden run loose. I'd imagine a tap of this on the snout would send em running right smart!

  • Solid. This thing isn't going to fall apart.
  • Stiff spring will not fail you and is not overly bendy.
  • Mean. Heavy solid steel tip with a wicked whiplash effect.
  • Easy to use. No worries about it bending and becoming unusable, since it's already whippy!
  • Cheap. It only cost me 12.00. It would've been 20.00 w/shipping but I got a discount!
  • Can be hard to close, certainly not a one-hand operation.
  • Can close inadvertently if you don't whip it open hard enough. Takes practice to learn proper technique.
  • Rattles when closed; not great for stealthiness.
  • Whippiness isn't always desirable, for instance, you can't use this one for chokes or holds like you can an ASP or standard T-handle baton.
  • Isn't legal in all states. Check your state and local laws before you EDC this baton.
Here's a vid of the action:

Place of purchase: ArmyNavyShop
Cost: Only 12.00 if you blog about their site. I just linked to the product page and sent them the link to my blog and they took the shipping charge right off. Great service, very friendly people to deal with!
Berserker's Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars, minus 1/2 star for above mentioned weaknesses.

Go get one! You won't regret it.

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