Sunday, May 25, 2008

New Gear....

Found some stuff while working on the Giant Church Yard Sale preparations and thought I'd set it aside to pay for it on the day of the sale. Included were some emergency candles, a small belt axe and a Sierra cup. There was more (like four giant reuseable food tubes, for storing peanut butter/butter/jelly etc) but I forgot and took the pic so here's the pic I have to show.

The hatchet I like especially because it's light and thin, and I reinforced the sheath with some waxed thread and added some paracord and webbing to secure it to my BOB.
Sierra cups are great because they're light but you can boil water in them, perfect for a morning cup of coffee before you hit the trail or a solo-kit for boiling water for noodles.
Food tubes are great because they allow you to take normally messy/PITA foods with you on extended trips into the bush, with minimal spoilage. What's even more awesome is that you can wash them out and use them again.
Candles--what more needs to be said? If SHTF these'll be in short supply.


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