Sunday, May 25, 2008


More pimpage in the form of lanyards and cordwraps. What's so cool about the lanyards on the two knives is that (a) both require untying/cutting for removal, so they're semi-permanent, and (b) the one on the sheath knife was made from two strands--one green, one black, with a new knot (for me) -- the completion stitch. I think sometimes it's called the "half crown" or "inverted crown" knot. A big shoutout to Stormdrane is needed. Thank you for demonstrating this lanyard on your blog. It made it a lot easier for me. Also a big thank-you to the guy on the USN who gave me the hunting knife. You know who you are. I really appreciate it--and don't worry, I am going to keep your homemade deerskin sheath! It's just too cool not to:)
A pic of the three projects:

The hatchet handle was all my idea. Basically I toyed around with different ideas for a while and then tapped holes through the haft, using a brace and bit from our basement workshop. Then I wrapped it, found it too thick, removed it, gutted it, and rewrapped. Now I'm relatively satisfied. I may eventually remove it and use a longer piece of cord in order to make a wrist lanyard with the ends. In fact, I think I'll go do that now.

Till next time,


Matthew said...

I love the hatchet handle. That's sick. =)

Berserker said...

Thanks bro. It was fun:)
I figured since I like to be able to slide my hatchet behind the tube pockets on my pack I'll forgo the wrist loop.

Stormdrane said...

Nice work!

As for the name of a specific knot, it can be confusing to figure out some times, since I'm just an amateur knot tyer. Some knots can go by a different names depending on the source. =)

Matthew said...

I did some rock-climbing for the first time, sort of a crash course; there are a lot of knots involved there. =)

Berserker said...

Rock climbing is pretty cool, for the most part the only knots they use on most established courses are the clove hitch and the figure eight.
But yeah both are good to know!
Here's a list of knots for yall to learn if you haven't yet (learned em in Scouts): Square knot, Bowline, Clove hitch, Two half hitches, Taughtline hitch, Figure Eight, Sheepshank, Sheet bend.
Those are the ones I remember best...