Friday, September 26, 2008

Frank Beltrame Italian Bayonet Blade Auto Review...

Hey all,
I'm back and I'm feeling rather hip, what with the new, hefty, and classic piece of steel in my pocket. It's a Frank Beltrame stiletto, made in Italy with care. The Beltrame family has produced switchblades of the classic sort that you see in 1950s gangster films for many, many years, the skills needed to make them passed down from generation to generation. I'm very happy with my new toy. Here's why.

  • Well-made. These fall around midway or above average on the scale of price vs. quality. As my friend Duane on Youtube says, you can pay much more for autos (up to 1k in extreme cases) or much less, but if what you want is a quality knife that will last for years stick with Beltrame knives.
  • Stiff leaf spring will not wear out quickly.
  • Brass liners and pins hold it all together nicely and with style.
  • Piece of artwork that will last for years even with repeated openings and closings.
  • They have a very cool, bolster-based method of closing the blade. Very cool. Get one and see for yourself;)
  • They are illegal to own in many states, and as far as I know only legal to carry in AZ and FL.
  • Pretty much only a killing tool, so be sure to keep this one at home. They're not useful for much else, and prison sentences/fines aren't fun.
  • Otherwise, there are no cons to list. These knives are beautiful and fun to play with.
Here are some pics and a video review I've done on this one:

Place of Purchase: (I highly recommend this site!:)
Price: $62 @ BP.
Berserker's Overall Rating: 5 Stars for Beltrami Autos!

You know you want one...

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