Sunday, September 7, 2008

Maratac Bailout Bag Review.

Recently I upgraded my schoolbag to a Maratac Bailout Bag. These are a great alternative to MOLLE bags as they don't look quite so "tactical", blend in better etc. They've got great features and pretty solid construction.

Here's some pros and cons as I see them:

  • It doesn't make you look like a mall-ninja,
  • The nylon is of decent quality,
  • It's got lots of differently-shaped and sized pockets, some velcro lined, including the hidden gun/weapons concealment pocket,
  • The Velcro is authentic Velcro brand, and the zippers are YKK,
  • It's nametape/patch-ready for decoration. If discretion is necessary, slap a Hello Kitty patch on there and nobody'll give you a second glance.
  • There are no rain/debris flaps to get in the way of opening the main compartment.
  • The shoulder strap seems to be cheaper than on their old EOD bags,
  • There is no practical way to cordwrap the handles to make it more comfy to carry,
  • The zipper on the main compartment seems a bit fine in the tooth for heavy/bulky loads (seems easier to mangle).
What I like about it, though, is all the little details that have been added to make it the ultimate go-to bag that you won't fear to lose or get dirty, such as the velcro at strategic points, the carry handles that wrap around the bottom of the bag for extra support, and the purpose-designed pockets (for pens, flashlights, small items, long items, "suspicious" items, etc etc).

Some pics:



Bottom "tube pocket" showing contents:
Front "small items" pocket open:
Dual pen/pencil pockets are wide enough to hold two slim pens apiece:
Flashlight pocket will hold either a thick-bodied light or a AA-sized Fenix-type light with room for more pens.
Showing one end radio/water bottle pocket (they use quick-release shock-cord):
Showing one of the loops of shock cord w/cordlock to tighten it:
First of the back long velcro-pockets (put my FAK in there w/room to spare):
The other long pocket (multitool and sunglasses):
Battery cases and a bottle of lube oil for knives/tools, in the mini-pockets above there are mints and a headlamp:
The "secret" pocket with velcroed-on knife and baton pouch:
The contents I loaded it up with:
Note that this was not a full load-out and some items were you could actually fit much more stuff in this bag than I had in there.

Available from: or
Price: Generally less than 40.00 with shipping.
Berserker's Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars! This is a keeper.

If you need a heavy-duty bag that will last you a while but you don't want to fear losing or getting filthy, pick up one of these!


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