Sunday, October 26, 2008


If procrastination is on your menu for tonight, here are a few sites that are useful AND help you while away time frivolously...

MM is a good resource for the gear connoisseur:

Order of the Stick Webcomic...hilarious, even if (like myself) you don't know a whole lot about D+D and associated RPG the time of this posting, you have 603 comics to read to catch up to the plotline...get at it! LOL:

BalisongXtreme Website Tutorials--Learn to flip a bali like a pro!:

Barney Fun Page--Apparently it's been online for 14 away friend!:

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contests--Fun to look at, anyway. I surely wouldn't want to wear one...I don't think I would if I were female either...OK, that's just awkward:

If you're into Norse culture, and are interested in Vikings:

South Park Character Avatar Generator...lots of fun:

Sweet site to learn about Bushcraft, survival skills, etc :

How to make a sweet blowgun:

Grip training tips for MA and general better strength:

Those are just a few...have fun!

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