Monday, December 22, 2008

Kydex for my Kukri...

Hey all,
Here to report on the state of my kukri.
It's holding up very nicely, however a friend shoved it down into the sheath too hard and dug a hole on the inside of the sheath (which is pretty chintzy), so I sent it off to Phil Smith to have a nice kydex scabbard molded for it. I sent it to him because I've bought from him before and have never been unhappy with his work. When I asked him to make a sheath for this Kukri, I specified that I wanted a swiveling belt loop like on an old leather holster. I just got it back today, and I carried it around for about an hour, to see how it carries. I am very pleased with it! It looks a bit awkward, but it carries very well. I added a couple pieces of webbing as an impromptu frog to extend the length of the belt loop.
A pic:

Feel free to comment!:)
Place of Purchase: Phil Smith Knives
Price: $45 + S/H
Berserker's Overall Rating: 5 Stars! Phil Smith does not disappoint.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Italian Stiletto Review 2...

Hey all,
Back when I got the Frank Beltrame stiletto (which I have since sold) I also bought a knife on the secondary market, it's a beautiful stag-handled 11-incher with simulated double-edge blade. This is ONE SOLID KNIFE. It is stamped "STILETTO ITALY" on the ricasso and that's all it says--no maker's name or anything. However the previous owner told me that he'd bought it about 10 years back.
However I highly suggest that if you ever see one of these for sale, buy it! Mine was heavily discounted (I paid $50, but other 11-inch stag handled models sell for up to $200) and it's in great shape. It was stored open, which I presume would keep the leaf spring from wearing out prematurely. It's certainly got a nice solid snap!

Here's a video review of it I did after I got it:


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Lightning OTF Taiwanese Scarab Clone

I just picked up one of these Scarab Clones the other day and to be honest, while it's nowhere near what a Microtech would be in terms of quality, it's damn cool, and pretty good for a cheapie OTF.

Here's a vid of the "snappy" opening/closing mechanism:

OAL: 8"
BL: 3-3/8"
BS: 440 Stainless
HM: Zinc
Place of Purchase:
Price: $47.00
Berserker's Overall Rating: 4 Stars. This is really a very decent knife for the price.

How many weapons without printing?

Here's a video demonstration I made showing the large number of knives and impact tools a person can carry in public places with a little know-how.

Scary thought, isn't it?
Despite what the media and modern "common sense" would have you believe, more people (at least in the city) are armed than unarmed, whether with knife, cudgel, or gun. The plain truth is that nobody in this world wants to be killed, raped, or stolen from, and many take steps to prevent it. Most of these folks you'd never guess to be CCW or knife knuts but there you have it, it's ironic. Please note that this is not my EDC; I rarely carry more than four knives at a time. This is just to illustrate how seemingly "unarmed" citizens may not be unarmed after all.