Monday, December 15, 2008

Italian Stiletto Review 2...

Hey all,
Back when I got the Frank Beltrame stiletto (which I have since sold) I also bought a knife on the secondary market, it's a beautiful stag-handled 11-incher with simulated double-edge blade. This is ONE SOLID KNIFE. It is stamped "STILETTO ITALY" on the ricasso and that's all it says--no maker's name or anything. However the previous owner told me that he'd bought it about 10 years back.
However I highly suggest that if you ever see one of these for sale, buy it! Mine was heavily discounted (I paid $50, but other 11-inch stag handled models sell for up to $200) and it's in great shape. It was stored open, which I presume would keep the leaf spring from wearing out prematurely. It's certainly got a nice solid snap!

Here's a video review of it I did after I got it:


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