Monday, December 22, 2008

Kydex for my Kukri...

Hey all,
Here to report on the state of my kukri.
It's holding up very nicely, however a friend shoved it down into the sheath too hard and dug a hole on the inside of the sheath (which is pretty chintzy), so I sent it off to Phil Smith to have a nice kydex scabbard molded for it. I sent it to him because I've bought from him before and have never been unhappy with his work. When I asked him to make a sheath for this Kukri, I specified that I wanted a swiveling belt loop like on an old leather holster. I just got it back today, and I carried it around for about an hour, to see how it carries. I am very pleased with it! It looks a bit awkward, but it carries very well. I added a couple pieces of webbing as an impromptu frog to extend the length of the belt loop.
A pic:

Feel free to comment!:)
Place of Purchase: Phil Smith Knives
Price: $45 + S/H
Berserker's Overall Rating: 5 Stars! Phil Smith does not disappoint.


American Finn said...


Just got your email about horse head puukko... I have not got any pics of it if you have tried to send any...

Please, do not publish this, but send pics to and I'll see if I can figure out what you have.

Happy New Year!


LSP said...

Neat Kydex.