Monday, April 13, 2009

AI Kubotan Stylus...

I am here to advocate for a very nice piece of gear. It is known as the Alpha Innovations Kubotan Stylus. The thing about kubotans is that everywhere, everyone in LE and Mil knows what a kubotan is. If they see it on your keychain it is automatically assumed that you are carrying a weapon and know how to use it. There is no mystery about it anymore.
Contrast this with the AI Stylus. The stylus is abuot six inches in length, with a taperred end and is grooved in the center for a better grip. It is constructed of the same high-quality, virtually indestructible polymer material which their kubotans are made of and includes a very nice, gold-plated pen clip.

This is what I would call an OMGTHATHURTDONTDOITAGAIN type of kubotan. Due to its extremly narrow and pointy profile, it not only manages to pass security checks ("it's just a stylus for my PDA, officer!") but also acts as a sort of blunt spike. Strikes with these things are like strikes with a normal kubotan, times twelve. Strikes to the back of the hand produce, as Mercop states, "an electrical shock" which travels through the hand and up the arm. Strikes to even more sensitive areas (throat, solar plexus, temple, kidneys) are downright cruel and perhaps even dangerous. A very hard strike to any of these areas would likely result in incapacitation if not death.

But in a really bad situation (threat to one's safety), I'd suggest this tool over a "traditional" kubotan in a heartbeat. This one passes muster through and through with flying colors! And at only $7 per piece, they're cheap enough to get a bunch for one's friends and family for Christmas. They'd make great stocking stuffers! I carry mine every day--you should too!

Place of Purchase:
Price: $7.00USD plus shipping. (This one was a gift from the head man himself:)
Berserker's Overall Rating: 5 Stars! Jeff from AI does it again!


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conwict said...

Yes, I ordered one of these because I got a Droid phone. it doesn't work on many modern touch screens (no conductivity?) but as you stated well, it is overall a great piece of gear.

I plan on using it to touch nasty ATM buttons, etc. I have also found, interestingly, that it works great for tamping down homemade herbal capsules in a Capsule Maker machine. I mean, it works better than anything I've found for that role, which makes it worth buying if you cap your own supps.